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about us

madhavi desai the founder and ceo of team madhavi desai, started counselling students in 1986 while she was pursuing her master’s in industrial sociology & management at purdue university in america


the bombay office was set up in 1989 and today the firm has counselled over 28,000+ students


team madhavi desai’s strength lies in their experienced counsellors who provide personalised advise and nurture each student towards a bright future

our mission

our organization has a single-minded focus, to guide students to the best possible schools, thus enabling them to build their future

our story

team madhavi desai storyboard

meet the team

team madhavi desai is composed of an all women team, that have collective counselling experience of 100+ years

we have process specialists

our extended team is composed of experienced process specialists that interact with each student during the application process

aparna rane
Colleen Abadian
Arundhati R
Elvira Aranha
Shraddha Taki
Neela Anbu
Pallavi Patel Namadhiya
clarissa fernandes
Mehjebin Lambay
elizabeth paul

we have process expertise

team madhavi desai supports you with mentors, country specialists, research heads, editors and visa experts


our mentors leverage more than 30 years of counselling experience to shape and groom students from grade 6 onwards using their ability to understand each child’s unique potential


team madhavi desai's essay experts guide you to project and pitch your best in all your writings and essays, for your college applications

country specialists

having deep focus on countries allows our specialists to stay up to date with latest rankings and news of even niche universities that are not commonly known

process experts

our form and process experts ensure your forms are completed correctly, and that the process is mapped out in detail, ensuring you meet all your deliverables deadlines

research heads

our rigorous process requires up to date knowledge of educational institutes and application best-practices, therefore research heads bring deep knowledge to the application process

visa experts

applying for visa may be the last mile but needs an experienced hand to ensure the process is adhered to on schedule and forms are filled correctly

ready to build your future with us?

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