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psychometric tests

assess your future with a globally validated test to determine a comprehensive profile and suggestive career paths

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assessment program

our comprehensive career assessment program (ccap) consists of an online testing session and a counselling session.


the ccap uses internationally standardized tools that assess one's aptitude, interest, and work orientation

ccap’s unique features


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integration of the scores obtained through our four test batteries


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suggestive career path

takes into consideration an individual’s educational readiness, socio-economic conditions, etc. while making career suggestions


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globally validated

uses a globally validated occupational list that includes over a thousand careers


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information based

provides in-depth information on possible career trends for the future


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comprehensive profile

provides a personalized & comprehensive profile that integrates multiple factors while suggesting careers using our unique comprehensive career analytical System (ccas)


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high quality

ensures high quality by using procedures and tests that are highly scientific and evidence based

counselling session

the counselling session is held with a specialized psychologist and founding partner from team madhavi desai.


during the counselling session, the test is discussed and various career options are explored to give an in-depth understanding of the student's career path

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ready to build your future with us?

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