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how do you find the right college?

to help you decide what kind of factors are important to you and your family, below is a list of criteria that you could find useful.

here are some criteria related to the academic program:

  • program choice: if you know exactly what you want to pursue in your bachelor's degree, you would look for colleges that offer the program of your choice. some colleges offer combined programs where you can pursue two or more academic areas of interest. as you scan college academic programs you will come across terms such as major, minor, dual majors and dual degrees.

  • length of the program: consider the number of years you would pursue the degree. in some countries, the traditional length of the bachelor's is a three-year degree. Some colleges offer students an option to extend this program by a year, by providing you opportunities to expand your learning through immersive experiences such as a study abroad or a placement year.

  • study abroad: you could spend a summer, a semester or even upto a year on a study abroad experience where you travel to another country to enrich your learning experience within a new cultural context.

  • placement: this is usually a placement or work experience in a company related to the field of your interest. most colleges will help you identify potential opportunities, but you would need to apply, interview and secure the placement.

  • research option: universities are academic powerhouses with excellent lab and research facilities. you have access not only to the best mentors and advisers and collaborate with like-minded driven peers on cutting-edge projects that will add to your resume.

these could make a great starting point as you think about not only what you want to study but also how you can maximize your academic journey through these wonderful opportunities.

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