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how do you pursue your interests to discover your full potential?

investing in yourself is an important goal. while it is good to identify this with academic success and achieving career milestones, don't forget to consider your personal interests and develop those as well.

think about it, what makes a person a good conversationalist? why is it that some people always have something to talk about, particularly something that is not just academic or work-related?

pursuing your interests beyond academia is an important cornerstone to developing key life skills. As a beginner, it cultivates the ability to be open to learning, and interacting with new people widens your perspective.

from brainstorming about how to make things better for your student club, to developing a year-long plan on things that you want to positively impact in your local community, and finding how to use tech tools and create effective social media campaigns and target the right audience, these are transferrable work skills highly valued by the corporate world.

perhaps there is an opportunity for you to develop core leadership capabilities, when you offer to lead an initiative, negotiate deals with vendors and sponsors for events, or captain your team through a challenging tournament.

on a personal note, it helps create a healthy balance. participating in activities that you enjoy can be refreshing after a grueling academic day or offer you the breather you need before getting back to that challenging test you are preparing for.

you learn to be organized and manage schedules. you improve your communication skills as you interact with people across different demographics. you will discover your talents as you are appreciated and recognized by people. valuing yourself as an individual, with unique strengths and qualities, enables you to develop resilience and embrace challenges.

you never know, you might also discover a rewarding career from something that you started out with as a simple interest. so pick a few activities and discover your true potential.

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