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how to prepare for my study abroad interview

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

the admission interview is a critical step in the application process for any student who plans to study abroad. it provides a unique opportunity to add a personal touch to your application, making it crucial to be well-prepared.

interviews with alumni are less formal and more conversational in nature, whereas interviews with university representatives or admissions officers should be conducted in a more formal manner. interviews can also be a good way to meet a person who has attended the college that you are interested in and get a personal perspective on how to make your decision.

best practices for interview success: to excel in your interview, follow these essential practices:

  1. familiarizing yourself with your application and your essays to be prepared.

  2. preparing a printed copy of your resume in case your interviewer would like to refer to it during the interview.

  3. checking and reading about that college specifically, its unique traditions & some of the memorable campus life narratives that stand out to you.

  4. keeping up to date with the latest trends, discoveries, and case studies related to the major of your choice.

  5. ideating about a logical connection between your short-term and long-term goals and how that college can help you achieve them.

  6. finding a way to showcase your skills and enthusiasm to present your best self during the conversation.

  7. practicing with a parent, teacher, or friend or even with the mirror.

  8. making a list of your own questions which express interest.

  9. participating in your interview to make it sound like a conversation and not rehearsed question and answer session.

remember, be yourself. nobody can articulate YOUR goals and ambitions better than YOU. Embrace the admission interview as an opportunity to shine and showcase your unique qualities to make a lasting impression.

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