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study abroad application checklist

make sure you have the following documents ready before you submit your online applications

  1. application fee: the application fee is usually submitted along with the application forms. online forms will need that you make payments via credit and/or international debit cards

  2. essays: you may be required to write a motivational statement or personal reflective essay and college-specific essays

  3. standardized tests: some universities require tests such as SAT/ACT/ LNAT/ BMAT/ UKCAT/ GRE/ GMAT or will ask you to register for their admission tests.

  4. proof of english proficiency: IELTS/ TOEFL/ DET are excellent recognized ways to prove your proficiency with english, while some universities also accept letters from your school/english teacher

  5. transcripts and mark sheets: grades from prior years are essential, so you should keep ready your mark sheets and transcripts for the past four years.

  6. letters of recommendation: teacher and counselor recommendations contextualize your grades and share the teacher's insight regarding your personality and preparedness for university

  7. evidence of financial support: the letter from your sponsors or banks reflects that you have enough funds to pay for your education.

  8. evidence of out-of-class contributions: a resume or a collection of activities demonstrates that you are a contributing member of the student body. furthermore, it helps universities understand your interests so that they can build a diverse classroom for their incoming students.

most universities have their specific application checklists on their websites. while you can use this broad admissions checklist, it is recommended that you also follow your university's specific checklist for a complete status.

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